Catholic Singer / Songwriter
Elyse O'Kane

After receiving this CD of Christian inspirational music,
Pope John Paul II bestowed on Elyse his Papal Blessing.

Elyse O'Kane: With All My Heart CD

Elyse O'Kane is a Catholic singer and songwriter
whose music proclaims the greatness of the Lord
in prayer and praise. Her music is soothing,
meditative, and inspirational.

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With All My Heart - Christian inspirational music

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  1. Invocation of the Holy Spirit
  2. Come Holy Spirit
  3. Magnificat Song
  4. Be Faithful, Be Holy
  5. Messiah and King
  6. I Am Waiting For You
  7. The Angelus
  8. Bless the Lord
  9. Hail Mary
  10. A New Creation
  11. Remember Me
  12. I Love You, Lord Jesus


Elyse O'Kane: With All My Heart CD

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